A guest on BBC One’s Antique Roadshow was astonished to discover that her family heirloom was worth a staggering £150,000.00.


The lady who brought the bracelet along to be assessed by Geoffrey Munn, the shows jewellery specialist, explained that she did not know where it came from, but that she had inherited the piece from her mother in law. She said, “It was bought for her by her husband, who may have bought it in an auction. He travelled a lot around the world so he may have purchased it anywhere on his travels.”

Antique's expert Mr Munn was visibly impressed with the piece and said, “This is like a collision of art and intrinsic value. There’s a sort of atomic explosion as they crash together because this is what everybody wants” He said, “I don’t know about you but I’m nearly fainting”

Mr Munn believed the art deco bracelet was made between 1927 and the early 1930s. And revealed that the bracelet was worth £150,000.00. The owner & audience gasped in amazement before she broke down in tears.

"It really was the last gasp of luxury at that level, really," said Mr Munn of the bracelet. "We never saw it again after the Second World War. This was bought for sheer pleasure."