According to new research £50 million pounds worth of unwanted jewellery could be in homes across Britain. These may be gifts, legacies or grannies treasures hidden in the depths of dressing table draws, jewel boxes and safes just gathering dust.

While some jewellery is held for a rainy day, many items are simply forgotten without ever knowing there true value.

Last year's sales at Bonham's London included a blue diamond 'Trombino ring' which sold for a staggering £6.2million. These diamond set natural pearl earrings circa 1925 were brought into the auctioneers in a supermarket carrier and went on to sell for £157,250.00.




Jean Ghika, head of jewellery in the UK and Europe at Bonhams said "We estimate there is at least £50 million worth of unwanted jewellery that owners have forgotten or never worn just waiting for a new home." Over the years we've had some astonishing finds, often brought to us in carrier bags or wrapped in tea towels.